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Best Canned Tomatoes | Where to buy in bulk?

Best Canned Tomatoes

Tomatoes and its properties

Tomato is a precious fruit that was first recognized in America. It said tomatoes were bred from about 500 BC in southern Mexico. The Pueblo natives believed that those who consume tomatoes are baptized with the forces of the gods. The plant entered Iran in two ways: the first way through Turkey and Armenia, and the second way through the frequent trips of the Qajar dynasty to the French first name Tomatoes in Iran were Armenian or Romanized eggplants. During the Qajar period, people from the family built a tomato for the first time in a field (which is the present site of Mehrabad airport).

Best Canned Tomatoes | Where to buy in bulk?

which country has Best Canned Tomatoes ?

which country has Best Canned Tomatoes ?best canned tomatoes serious eats

Tomatoes are now widely cultivated and harvested throughout the world and are available to consumers in all seasons. The fruit is premature before it comes and contains a toxic substance called sulanin, which is hazardous to it. The fruit is red and juicy after it has no solanin and can be ingested. A kind of antioxidant called lycopene is responsible for creating red color in tomatoes, which can fight against radicals in the body. Usually, lycopene, tomatoes have the greatest effect, which is a little heated to increase its potentials and absorption in the body. Therefore, tomato paste is a good option in this regard. Contrary to popular belief that tomato is considered a kind of vegetable, tomato is actually a kind of fruit. With some reflection, you will soon notice that these beautiful red beans contain seeds. However, you can use tomatoes in a variety of directions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tomatoes contain a much higher level of vitamin E and carotenoids, such as lycopene.

how to buy Best Canned Tomatoes wholesale?

how to buy Best Canned Tomatoes wholesale?

best canned tomatoes for soup

 One from raw tomato has 515 micrograms of lycopene. One-and-a-half cup of puree contains 27, 192 micrograms of lycopene. But why is lycopene important? Researchers believe that lycopene reduces the risk of diseases such as stroke, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and gastric cancer. The important properties of tomato include weight loss, natural aspirin replacement, amazing skin effect, cure for varicose veins, cancer treatment, reduction Blood pressure, heart health. Tomato is a thick dough that is used in cooking. To make tomato paste after grains and peanuts, tomatoes are squeezed them for several hours. It then lowers its concentration and then re-crops to obtain a rich concentrate. It should be noted that tomatoes have a lot of varieties, but those that are used to produce paste are divided into two groups of round and amber. Types of “round” are usually watery and have high solids content, but all sorts of “pears” are more solid and have less solids; but there are more pectinates and also tomatoes used to paste from a variety of thin skin, soft tissue , High solids, spicy red color, pleasant taste, mold-free, without cores And is quite reached choose.

selling Best Canned Tomatoes in bulk

selling Best Canned Tomatoes in bulk

How to make tomato paste in factories

Tomato extract contains a lot of tomato properties like vitamins, minerals and lycopene antioxidants. Low temperatures and indirect heat in the production of industrial tomato paste, in contrast to the high and uncontrolled heat in home-made paste, have resulted in a better quality of color and an increase in the amount of lycopene in industrial tomato paste. To prepare the best tomato paste, often coarse tomatoes have skin Thin, soft texture, solid, reddish brown, both in shell and in meat, fully ripe, good taste, high soluble solids content, healthy tomatoes, no cores, and mold and other pests. Cleansing and washing is crushed and crushed with certain devices. Of course, when crushed, it gives them some heat to eliminate the enzymes they have, and the seeds and seeds of the tomatoes can be easily separated from their flesh. After crushing, the tomatoes are straightened with a flat iron to completely separate their water. The tomato juice is then poured into the condenser and concentrated under vacuum to make tomato juice in the form of tomato paste. Using the vacuum helps reduce heat to produce paste, and thus helps maintain nutrient compositions, redness of the paste, and prevents blackening of the color.

list of price of Best Canned Tomatoes

list of price of Best Canned Tomatoes best canned tomatoes for chili

When the concentration of solids in the water reaches the standard level in tomato paste, it is packaged into special cans. Then, seal the cans for sterilization in the autoclave. This will cause the microorganisms, such as molds or yeast in the can, to disappear with autoclave heat and can not grow in the cans. In this case, cans can be sealed It was kept for a long time (due to the expiration date on the can) without worrying about corruption. What is important when using tomato paste is less important than tomato paste. To find out if there is impurities in paste, you can Put it on a flat and white surface like a back tray or plank Pour white sticks and squeeze them with a flat object such as glass or the bottom of the glass to spread the paste and lay it in a thin layer between two levels. In this case, if impurities such as core, shell, external particles, wood and other materials Tomatoes should be homogeneous and free from any impurities and dark particles, tomato crust and core, and free from any kind of flavor or smell like smell of mildew or persistence.

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