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Canned Tuna price in the World

many people may ask is canned tuna sustainable  in addition some might be  worried  about price of tuna . Domestic fish price  rose last year due to the elimination of the state-owned fish currency and the withdrawal of commodity  which is the main reason for the increase in the price of  canned tuna .This price increase has led to a 60% drop in sales of many factories since the beginning of this year, and even some factories have been closed.We will see a decrease in the price of canned tuna on the world market. 

Canned Tuna price in the World

Demand of canned tuna in the world in recent years

Demand of canned tuna in the world in recent years

Seafood is one of the most important foods in the world in terms of nutritional value and value.Fish is the most varied seafood that is marketed raw or fresh or canned.Canned tuna has a high level of market demand due to its ease of use and delicious taste.So the major tuna sales are through the dealers of best canned tuna producers and reputable stores nationwide.

Today, the distribution and spread of salmon in the world has caused economic prosperity and consumption.With a production of 576,000 tons worldwide, it has generated a value of $ 2.4 billion.

Although the sustainable tuna uk is not the most consumed fish in the world market, it accounts for about 1% of the $ 944 million worldwide trade in aquatic trade, with about 110 times the increase in sustainable tuna fishing.

59.7% were frozen, 32.4% fresh and cold and 7.9% live.Iran, with huge investments, with a third world ranking in breeding, has produced 10.8 percent of the world’s salmon and has a 0.07 percent share in value and 0.1 percent in global exports.In addition to the high domestic demand of about $ 2.8 million in its eight-year foreign exchange earnings in the eight years ending in 2008, Iran accounted for 72.7 percent of fresh and frozen trout exports and 27.3 percent of frozen exports.

With the development of aquaculture, the demand for fish meal has increased and some climate events, such as El Niño, are causing the production, supply and price of canned tuna industry to fluctuate in the market.

What does sustainable tuna mean?

The importance of environmental tags and the talent of the fishing sector.

Sustainable fish has become a reality for a wide range of products.The amount of these labels differs from market share by the type of goods requested and it is very difficult to obtain information on the effect of the products labeled on the market.

Also, there is no reliable and reliable information on the true environmental impacts of labeling programs.In principle, the environmental impact of labeling depends on the relevance and importance of the criteria and criteria as well as the market share of the labeled products, depending on the taste and consumer interest in the labeled products and the degree of enthusiasm of manufacturers and suppliers respectively.

In some markets (for example, household cleaning products), acolyteing or sustainability provides a background in identifying and expanding the production process in accordance with environmental principles and product specifications, as well as raising the level of consumer awareness of environmental issues.

So far, the results have been more limited to natural resource crops, such as natural products and forestry, because sustainable eco-balancing schemes are required for a very small part of production.In addition, most of these projects are not old enough to provide accurate and reliable information.

One exception is the “Dolphin Safe” label, which is attached to a large number of tuna products in the US market.However, the label referred to is subject to regulatory and supervisory requirements.

Therefore, labeling alone cannot be identified and identified as the root cause of high market share.

However, for industries that participate in eCollection schemes, there are strong indicators of potential benefits.The real importance of acoustic schemes is not so much because of their market share or sales, but rather because of their potential growth.Eco-balancing schemes in the fisheries sector are also of potential importance due to the intense competition between the retail chain of fishery products.

In the future, consumers’ awareness of environmental concerns in both the northern and southern hemispheres is likely to increase.  For example, the market for labeled natural products in North America and several European countries is expanding faster than commodity supply, and average prices are significantly higher than abnormal (synthetic) products.

Evidence suggests that reliable eco-balancing schemes can significantly increase product demand in environmentally sensitive markets such as Europe and North America.

In the fishing sector, some retailers have focused their attention on purchasing approved and authorized fish in the future, and other wholesalers and retailers will follow.The potential impact will be great for manufacturers, as unlabeled products lose real or relative market share.

Wholesale market of canned tuna fish in the world

Wholesale market of canned tuna fish in the world

Wholesale tuna

Wholesale tuna at factory price.Many factories produce tuna in the country because tuna is one of the most consumed consumer items.Here are the reasons why this delicious dish is popular:

Delicious fish meat

Seafood is healthy and healthy

High in protein and unsaturated fatty acids

Quick bump in any place and time

Relatively reasonable price

It’s easier to prepare and eat than fresh fish

These are some of the most important reasons why tons of fish are consumed in most parts of the world, including our country.

The largest tuna producing countries are the following countries with high sales in the world market:

Thai tuna

Singapore tuna

Philippine tuna

Spanish tuna

South African tuna

Dutch tuna

The reason for the high sales in these countries is their quality and reputation for producing tuna.

The Best And Worst Cans Of Tuna

Golden Age Target Company is one of the best canned tuna factories in Iran that has launched Leonard brand tuna.The company first started its business by exporting and importing foodstuffs and has achieved a great deal of growth and prosperity over time and with its high quality and perseverance

Fish tuna differ from other fish in the color , so most fish are white, but tuna have red or pink flesh.Unlike some of the tuna available on the market, Leonard tuna does not and will not use sardine or kilka fish to produce tuna, and as it is said, the Hoover brand is a tuna fish.

That’s why this brand has become the best brand of tuna.One of the worst brand of tuna is for a southern company.

As for this brand, it has been the market’s seafood products for the past five years with the aim of developing a fish consumption culture in the country.

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