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Fresh Frozen Canned Tuna at Reasonable Price

frozen canned tuna are high in protein, fat, carbohydrates, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc, because cooking heat does not have a negative effect on these compounds. The frozen canned tuna is 120 grams and is prepared from hover fish fillet, vegetable oil and salt. It is high in iron, rich in vitamins B1, B3 and B6, and contains omega-3 fatty acids that lower blood LDL.

Fresh Frozen Canned Tuna at Reasonable Price

Important Facts About Canned Tuna

Important Facts About Canned Tuna

One study found that children who ate tuna at least once a week were about five times more likely to have children who ate  no  tuna less Their IQ. Children who ate fish also slept better. Although the study was conducted among Chinese children, other children are likely to benefit from eating tuna.

If parents want their children to be healthy and functioning well, they should put tuna on their table once a week. This is not a big demand.

Light and dietary tuna are the best types of tuna for children. In addition, some nutritionists believe that salmon canned fish is more beneficial to children’s health than canned tuna.

Consumption of fish is not prohibited if it is standard, but keep in mind that children under the age of one should not be given tuna, and another point is that the vitamins and nutrients of fresh fish are much higher than canned fish. As for the oil in canned fish, it should be noted that these fats are added, so its consumption is not recommended.

What is certain is that river and sea fish are much more useful than canned fish, but compared to ready-made foods and fast foods, eating canned fish is a healthy and standard priority.

It is good to know that canned fish does not contain special preservatives and additives under normal conditions, but sometimes due to people’s tastes, some permitted additives such as vegetables and spices have been added to it. Boil completely for 20 minutes. also You can find useful information from canned tuna recipes, canned tuna in fridge, canned tuna brands and canned tuna prices on various websites.

Today, many parents may prefer to make sandwiches with different types of tuna instead of fish for their children. In this regard, some scientific studies have shown that consuming fish tuna once a week in children can be associated with improving learning and improving their mental state, but some health professionals are also concerned about the safety of high consumption of tuna by children.

Wholesale canned tuna suppliers in UAE

Wholesale canned tuna suppliers in UAE

Canned tuna is one of the growing processing industries in Iran, which has made great strides in recent years. 

In the field of export of canned tuna, our country has special conditions, which we will address in the following list:

  • Production conditions with minimal cost due to cheap energy and labor wages
  • Existence of multiple manufacturing companies and lack of supply concerns
  • The high value of money in Arab countries and significant profits
  • There are many means of transportation, such as land, sea and air
  • Existence of tax exemptions for exports
  • Close to countries in great need such as Iraq, UAE, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Turkey

Considering the above, we realize the high importance of tuna export and by investing and advertising, we can create very good financial conditions. Most of Iran’s exports are to the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates is a war-torn and consuming country and is in dire need of Iranian products. The UAE dinar is worth 12 times more than the Iranian rial, which makes our prices very attractive to them and they can easily buy from us. There are various ways to export to the United Arab Emirates, and in recent years many reputable Iranian factories have set up factories and warehouses in the country, which is a sign of high profits from exports to UAE.

Famous Manufacturers of Canned tuna in Asia

Famous Manufacturers of Canned tuna in Asia

In recent years, Russia has had very good political and economic relations with Iran, and we always hear about the conclusion of trade agreements with Russia.

Russia is very important for Iran in terms of trade, the most important reasons are:

Appropriate trade and political relations

Russia’s sanctions are a good market for Iranian products

Geographical proximity and waterways

The quality of Iranian products is accepted by Russians

Russia and the ninth largest country in terms of population and high consumption

Due to the above reasons, we should try to negotiate with the businessmen of this country through advertising and marketing and prepare our products with the appropriate packaging for the Russian markets.

Dear traders and traders, you can contact us to export food, especially tuna and tomato paste, so that we can provide them with complete information and produce their desired products.

Considering that Iran is one of the major centers for tuna production both domestically and abroad, it can be said that many companies have the conditions to produce this product and thus different types. Tuna brand is seen in the market with continuous and common production of factories. As we see in the field of products such as tuna, there are many domestic products in the market; imported products have appeared in the market as foreign tuna, whose producers intend to compete with Iranian producers. 

Exportable forzen canned tuna price 2020

Exportable forzen canned tuna price 2020

The main destinations for frozen fish canned goods in 2020 are Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and the UAE, and a variety of fruit compotes to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the UAE and Pakistan.

Considering the well-known Iranian market in the Middle East and especially the Persian Gulf, and considering the proximity of these markets and thus reducing transportation costs, as well as the advantage of using the halal mark on food products in Islamic countries, there is a potential market for export. Iran’s canned products will be exported to the Persian Gulf countries.

Although the importance of presence in international markets and export activity as the driving force of countries’ economies has been revealed, the reality is that many countries have not been able to perform well in the field of exports, despite having the right potential. Identifying export barriers and providing appropriate solutions for them has been the subject of research by researchers in this field.

Many trading and export companies intend to buy frozen frozen tuna and do not know how to buy frozen frozen tuna so that they can buy frozen frozen tuna at a very reasonable and cheap price and export it to destination countries.

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