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Tuna suppliers and global market

Tuna is one of the most valuable food products in Iran’s food basket. This food product has been on the table for many years and is still used today.But another issue that can be said about this useful  product is that it has gone through the production and packaging process by many manufacturers.There are several companies in Iran for the production of tuna and each of them provides different brands of tuna, which makes them competitive and also enhances the quality of the Tuna which help tuna suppliers to  supply best quality  product to consumers.

Tuna suppliers and global market

How Often Can You Eat Canned Salmon?

How Often Can You Eat Canned Salmon?

A cardiac surgeon advised families to eat fish twice a week, especially fatty fish.

Consumption Tuna fish

Dr MasoumAli stated that over the past year, 3680 people have died from cardiovascular disease in Kermanshah province, As a result of is weight gain, inadequate nutrition, stress, hypertension, inactivity and smoking . He mentioned heart disease.  He considered the type of nutrition effective for heart disease and said: According to studies, the amount of trans fatty acids in vegetable oils in the Iranian market is about 40%, that is about 1.2 million tons of oil consumed in the country about 480 thousand Tons of that is trans fatty acid, while it should be 2 percent at 24,000 tons.

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences faculty member found fish oil a good substitute for solid vegetable oils and said: Based on a study of 11,323 people, fish oil consumption reduces sudden death by 41 percent. .

Dr. Masoumi said: “Studies have also shown that consuming fish twice a week, even in people with a heart attack, can reduce mortality by up to 30%.He also introduced fish preserves as a rich source of omega-3s, which is good for preventing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.

View the Healthiest Canned Fish

Although there are different brands of canned tuna on the market, however in order to identify the healthiest tuna of canned fish, it is possible to identify through the internet that the ranking of Iranian canned fish brands will be based on the following information. 

How to ensure the health of canned fish and distinguish healthy canned fish from unhealthy canning? There are 4 simple ways to do this:

1. The first indication is the date of manufacture and expiration

So whenever you go to a supermarket or store to buy canned fish, look after the brand and the manufacturer to check the product usage date carefully; The longer it means the newer the production and the closer it is to the day.

2. Make sure it is fresh by boiling it

Boiling canned food for 20 minutes is one of the rules that must be followed to eliminate the bacteria inside the canned food. If after 20 minutes of boiling you realize that the food has no natural taste and color make sure the canning is not healthy and you should not eat it.

3. Leakage means a sign of corruption

Another point to keep in mind when buying and selecting canned fish and any canned food is the appearance of Tuna cans, any leakage and rust on the container is an unhealthy sign because the canned aluminum packaging should be perfectly healthy, No rust and leakage.

4 . Canned fish should be kept in the right place

You can buy canned fish or canned food, store them in a dry, dark place like a cabinet. They do not spoil the outside of the refrigerator, but moisture inside the refrigerator can cause the food pack to rust and thus spoil it. If there is anything left over from canned food, store it in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Can be high in mercury

Can be high in mercury

Toxic mercury in tuna

Due to the discharge of industrial effluents into marine environments, the amount of heavy metals and their bio accumulation in marine organisms such as fish is increasing. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, about 6 to 6 tons of mercury is released naturally from the Earth’s oceans and into the atmosphere annually. In addition, as a result of human activities, domestic and industrial waste, and especially fossil fuels such as coal, about 2000 to 3000 tons of mercury are added to the atmosphere annually.

How does mercury enter the body of a tuna?

When mercury dissolves in water, it is chemically altered by bacteria; it is converted to methyl mercury, a more toxic form of mercury, and is usually readily absorbed and excreted upon entry into the stomach. Methyl mercury is absorbed by the water when passing through the gills of fish and feeding these organisms on aquatic organisms and plankton. Larger fish, which feed on smaller fish, have higher levels of methyl mercury. Methyl mercury in the body of fish forms strong bonds with muscles and other tissues, and the baking process has little effect in reducing the amount of this dangerous substance. Almost all fish contain trace amounts of methyl mercury, some of which are higher in some species. The amount of mercury in the body of fish that lives in areas polluted by industrial pollution (such as the wastewater from petrochemical plants) shows a significant increase.

Who should not eat raw tuna?

Who should not eat raw tuna?

Dr. Amin Azarnoush, a nutrition expert, emphasizing that the fish should be boiled before consumption, to be careful about its expiration date and to check that the container has not been bloated. Consider boiling water when boiling water comes to a boil. This means that boiling tuna in boiling water for 2 to 20 minutes kills the bacteria and does not endanger consumer health. Be careful, however, that even if you keep the tuna in the fridge, it will spoil it.”Most of the fish produced in Iran are top quality in the world in terms of quality and free of microbial agents,” said Dr. Azarnoush. Spotted tuna or showing corrupt conditions, despite not being opened, such as wind-blown tuna, can result in illness or death. Canned tuna can quickly spoil if kept in inappropriate conditions or when its expiration date expires, creating a very serious poisoning called botulism poisoning that can cause death. Experts recommend that tuna should be boiled in water for 20 minutes before consumption and then consumed to minimize the risk of poisoning. It should also not be used if tuna can be swollen or swollen. Scientists believe that over-consumption of tuna can increase the risk of cancer, and tuna have more mercury than useful omega-3 fatty acids! On the other hand, however, about 12% of canned fish in the Iranian market are in dangerous condition due to the amount of histamine poisoning that can cause the consumer to have problems such as cardiac arrest and even death.

How to safely eat raw tuna

How to safely eat raw tuna

Nutritionists also recommend consuming fish with lemongrass because not only does the lemon taste better but the vitamin C in it helps to absorb the iron in the fish. However, it should be noted that consuming large amounts of seasonings like lemongrass and pickles along with the fish Both have colds, especially not recommended for colds because they cause fatigue, weakness and hard digestion, exacerbating cold conditions such as rheumatism, Alzheimer’s, depression, and so on. Islamic traditions say that if a fish is eaten especially at night and is not eaten with its ingredients such as dates, walnuts, honey, sweet almond oil, sesame, ginger, thyme or along with warm spices, it will be one of the contributing factors to MS and stroke; The best seasonings for fish are orange juice and garlic, which have both numerous benefits and a warm nature. Also, consuming fish with eggs is also harmful; in traditional medicine, consumption of eggs and milk and any other meat is prohibited as fish produce soda and negatively affect people’s moods, exacerbating chronic diseases, depression and constipation.You can find useful information about, tuna wholesale price, current tuna prices, Canned Tuna Price,  and   as best canned tuna also on various websites.

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